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Many people, especially those who live in the northern latitudes of the USA, tend to consider a beach vacation as whenever there is an air strike and snow on the ground. After all, it is a natural answer and the thought of walking on the beach with sand in your toes and the warm sun on your shoulders appeals to many. It is a fact that there are a lot of beach vacation destinations available during these really cold winter months up in the northern states.

It is interesting to note that beach vacations, typically between Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, on the beaches of Florida, Texas and Mississippi, are the most expensive, as there is traffic with the “snow bird” flowing in. The prices for everything, from holiday towels to swimsuits, are much higher in these seaside resorts at this time of year than in the low season.

The thing to remember is that the beaches are there all year round, a time when the fun of warming up and regaining summer can also take place in December. Think of the holidays like Christmas in December and a nice warm beach with lights as a fun escape. Remarkably, the prices for everything are generally lower if you try to plan your holidays during the months that may not be the most traveled in the winter season.

Hotel stays will be cheaper, eating out will be cheaper, and show tickets will also be cheaper. There is a reason for all this and it is really simple. Most people think of summer time to go to these places, and these people will pay much more than even the snow birds that come down for some heat. This enormous increase in tourism can boost the local economy, and they understand that it is temporary, so they will raise prices until they compensate for the rest of the year.

But don’t panic! Won’t it be cold in the middle of winter there too? Yes and no. It will be cooler for the locals because they are used to their local weather, but for someone from Michigan 60 degrees weather in the middle of winter is like a sauna.

The best route you should take during the winter months for your winter stay is a train if you have routes to take you there. If not, then look at the train that is coupled to the bus. There are no real restrictions on luggage such as planes and the ride is much more enjoyable.

Post Author: Melissa K. Wright

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