Membership Information

The Institute has five classes of Membership. All Members are required to agree to be bound by the Institute's Code of Conduct and Articles of Association.

Entry to all classes of Membership is strictly by election of the Executive Committee and all applicants must satisfy the Executive Committee that their professional qualifications, experience and integrity meet the Institute's Membership requirements. References are required from all applicants.

Fellows are wholly or principally engaged in the licensing profession. Applicants for Fellowship are required to have academic qualifications to купить квартиру в Москве вторичка or equivalent. Whilst the Executive Committee has discretion to determine relevancy, an applicant may be considered suitable if his or her qualifications are of a scientific, marketing, technical or legal nature. Other disciplines will be considered in the context of an applicant's background and commercial experience.

Applicants are required to demonstrate that their practice of intellectual property licensing has been continuous for at least three years prior to application.

Associates are probationers who, whilst not eligible for Fellowship, are engaged in the licensing profession. Applicants for Associate Membership should also have academic qualifications of degree standard or equivalent, which are likely to be in the scientific, marketing, technical or legal disciplines, but are not expected to have practical experience of licensing. Associates may apply for Fellowship after at least three years' continuous licensing practice.

Affiliates are Members who, as a result of their professional or business activities, take an interest - or are to some extent involved - in the commercialisation of intellectual property, yet who do not qualify for other classes of Membership.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a relevant need to have an affiliation with the Institute through their professional or commercial activities.

Student Membership was created in 2007 for those currently training in fields related to commercialising intellectual property and who may be considering licensing as a primary or supplementary career. Applications from first degree students and postgraduates are welcome.

Student Members can benefit from the Institute's training and educational programmes. They also enjoy a free enquiry service for ideas derived from their research: the Institute will answer questions on any topic relating to the commercialisation of intellectual property and its protection. Like all other Members they are welcome to attend the AGM.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are those who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, are worthy of such distinction as a result of services rendered to the Institute, or those whose association with it will be of benefit to the Institute.

Corporate Regulation
Fellows who practise through a company or partnership are required to apply for their business to be admitted to Regulation by the Institute if their business claims to have any connection with or accreditation by the Institute. A business admitted to Regulation should state that it is regulated by the Institute on its letterhead and in all promotional material.