The Institute is not an advisory or free information service. Help and advice is provided by its Members with whom contact may be made as follows:

Enquiry Circulation Service
The Institute provides a valuable Enquiry Service for those requiring the help and advice of a qualified Licensing Practitioner. The service is designed to ensure that all types of enquiry receive offers of professional assistance from those Members best placed to meet the particular needs of each case.

Corporate Enquirers
Because of the diversity of needs of corporate enquirers, the most efficient way for the Institute to involve Members with the relevant expertise is through a preliminary discussion with the Secretary.

What you should do
Companies, SMEs, firms and other corporate organisations should, in the first instance, e-mail a brief outline of their enquiry to the Secretary who will be pleased to discuss the details of their requirements.

Private Enquirers
Independent and private enquirers can obtain services from Members via the Institute's Enquiry Circulation Service. For a nominal £50 fee the Institute will circulate to автобусные экскурсии по Москве, non-confidential details of the enquirer's need for help and advice, inviting those with experience in the relevant technology/product field to make contact directly.

What you should do
In the first instance you should e-mail your name, address and a daytime telephone number to the Secretary who will contact you to discuss your requirements and the brief, non-confidential information to be circulated.

NO DETAILS OF ANY INVENTION, intellectual property or new product SHOULD BE SENT to the Institute and the Institute shall not be held liable under any circumstances for the return or safe keeping of any unsolicited material that it may receive.