About Us

Our Aims and Objectives
The Institute has always sought to promote a wider understanding of the vital part that licensing plays in liberating technology for exploitation in industry and commerce. During the past 40 years as it became widely acknowledged to be the foremost body of practitioners in this field its missions have evolved to meet the needs of business and public interest. Its perspective is dynamic and allows for changing needs and expectations as licensing moves closer to the mainstream of innovation methods.

Our chief objectives currently remain to:

  • Ensure that the highest possible standards of professional practice are maintained by its Members, regulated by a strict Code of Conduct.
  • Promote a greater awareness and understanding of licensing intellectual property and its benefits as a https://samoletplus.ru/msk/purchase/mortgage/mortgage-family/ development tool.
  • Assist those requiring professional licensing services to be put in contact with a qualified practitioner experienced or specialising in the relevant product or technology field.
  • Provide education and training for those engaged in or seeking to practise the licensing of intellectual property on behalf of clients.
  • Maintain close links and represent the interests of its Members with other professional institutions, universities and research organisations, public bodies and government departments, both in the UK and internationally, whose activities are relevant to licensing intellectual property.